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1.Click on Payout

2. Click on Payout Now3. Enter Amount to withdraw

4. Click on next

5 Paste your USDT(BEP20) address in the column provided (USDT ADDRESS)

6. Click on Confirm now

7. Receive your payment between 1- 24 hours


2 Select PLAN to see the various options.

3. Click the STAKE NOW button under your preferred earnings

4 Enter the amount to stake in the second column under your USDT (BEP20) Deposit balance

5. Click on INVEST NOW.

6. The amount will be automatically deducted from your USDT (BEP20) balance.

7. Check INVEST HISTORY to see your staked plan running

Defi247 operates primarily with USDT (BEP 20). All deposits for staking must be USDT (BEP 20)

1. Login to your Defi247

2. Click on Add Funds

3. Click on Pay Now

4. Enter amount for staking

5.Confirm amount and Click Next, then Click Pay on Now

6. Copy USDT Address provided by Defi247 onto your Wallet and make payment.

7. Copy your USDT address from your Wallet and Paste into the Space Provided on Defi247 ( USDT ADDRESS)

8. Enter Transaction ID from your Wallet or Transaction Hash from BSC Scan.

9. Click on Confirm NOW

10. Wait on Admin to approve your transaction (Normally Maximum 5 minutes)

11. Check Dashboard (MAIN BALANCE)

12. Now that you have an active balance, STAKE NOW